What Our Member-Owners and Supplier Partners Are Saying

After speaking to a few members of the Fenestra Co-op it became clear this would be a great strategic move for our company. Centralized EFT payments to Vendors, and access to a turn-key code compliant Door Sill were driving factors in our decision.

Tyler Hopfner, President

Prestige Window & Door Ltd.

The reason that Centra joined Fenestra is a simple one. Relationships. The window and door industry is a tough business with daily challenges in human resources, technology, product R&D, suppliers, competition, and governments. The more relationships we have with like-minded window and door businesses, the better we are able to solve problems and move our business strategies forward that much faster.

Garett Wall, President & CEO

Centra Windows Ltd.

I was invited by an existing member to come out to a meeting. Within a very short time I realized the benefits of networking with a great group of like-minded business owners. I had always felt alone and now have well over 20 people willing to accept my call and discuss any issues that I may have.

Dan Agius, Owner

Modern Aluminum & Vinyl Products Ltd.

We joined Fenestra after meeting with one of the original members (Centennial Windows) and representatives of Fenestra. We didn’t have experience with buying groups and weren’t sure of the benefits, but we joined because we knew and respected the companies who were members. We haven’t looked back since. We enjoy many benefits including involvement with supplier selection and evaluation. We are proud to support Fenestra.

Alex Black, Purchasing Manager

Strassburger Windows & Doors

Here are a few reasons that we joined the Co-op and want to stay a member.
– Access to a very good Code compliant door system.
– Able to work with many, very knowledgeable people to keep ahead of the industry.
– Can get input from others on how to solve different issues.
– It is nice to have a rebate cheque throughout the year.

Mark Lichty

MDL Door Systems |Synergy Mfg. Inc.

Joining the Fenestra group and using the benefits they offer is a positive step for our business…but the big picture?…like our philosophy at Huron Window Corporation, we associate with window and door manufacturers from across the country that build on quality.

Brodie Fehr, Corporate Sales

Huron Window Corporation

In the short term, increasing our buying power and the networking generated by joining Fenestra were the predominant factors in our decision to move forward. We especially believe this decision will have beneficial effects on the long-term for our company.

Jordan Desmarais, Co-President

Les Fenêtres Québécoises Inc.

I would summarize the benefits of partnering with Fenestra as;
– Yearly meeting with the owner and decision makers of the different Member-Owners
– Direct contact with new members
– Exposure as a Preferred Supplier.

Nicholas Choquet, Eastern Canada Sales Manager |

Adfast Caulking Products

In addition to the guaranteed payments that the Co-operative ensures, being a Preferred Supplier to Fenestra is like having a second sales force, with the members positively influencing each other to purchase from Novatech. Our penetration rate definitely increases when dealing with Fenestra Co-op Members.

Bob Latour, Vice-President of Sales

Novatech Group

Partnering with Fenestra has been very beneficial for Robertson. As a manufacturer, this relationship provides us a streamlined channel to develop effective programs to meet the needs of the Fenestra Members, receive valuable feedback and make adjustments as needed. Also, when developing technical solutions with members, this best-practice information can be shared efficiently throughout the group..

Kevin Buko, Construction & Industrial Segment Manager

Robertson Inc.

As the President of a manufacturing company of doors and windows, it was important for me to be associated with a dynamic group of professionals who have, at heart, the same goals as me. The national coverage of the Co-op allows me to have a global vision of our industry and offers me the opportunity to discuss common issues, freely.

Patrick Grégoire, General Manager

Portes et Fenetres Nouvel Horizon Inc.