Supplier Partner Benefits

Why do suppliers choose Fenestra?

Increase customer base, networking, invoicing efficiencies!

Suppliers in the fenestration industry are constantly searching for new sales opportunities, all while reducing acquisition costs and improving product quality. Suppliers to the Fenestra Purchasing Co-op experience the immediate value of drastically reducing customer acquisition costs by tapping into an existing membership of window and door fabricators in Canada, from coast-to-coast.

If the goal is to meet face to face with the decision makers from Canada’s leading Independent Fabricators, then suppliers need to attend the annual Fenestra Advantage/Acceleration Program’s unique speed-dating sessions. This event allows for a Supplier to meet with our complete membership in a single day, confidential setting. Yearly, the Co-op produces Supplier ‘Scorecards’ which provide valuable feedback to each Fenestra Supplier, rating them on performance as viewed by their customers (Fenestra Members). The ability to build relationships with existing customers, and to have the opportunity to gain new customers in an open environment has proven to be a great success. It’s no secret why Fenestra Supplier Partners are proud suppliers to Fenestra: relationships and sales growth.

Experience the Benefits of a Fenestra Supplier Partner:

  • Negotiate “the group deal” once, on behalf of all the Members, instead of with each customer separately.
  • Rebates protect the ‘Street’ price of products while rewarding Co-op Members that support the chosen Suppliers.
  • Supplier Scorecard annually to help track Member satisfaction
  • No promises of increased sales, simply to obtain discounted invoice prices… only pay increased rebates if your sales actually increase accordingly.
  • Centralized Billing means:
    • Lower invoicing / administration costs by using EDI
    • Reduced credit risk because of Guaranteed Payment by Fenestra
    • Reduced accounts receivable management costs
    • Consistently “on-time” payment of invoices

How it Works

Our unique negotiation process is based on our firmly held belief that Fenestra’s Member-Owners, being well established successful independent fabricators, know how to choose the “best” Supplier for their businesses. Once a product category is identified and targeted, a few key Member-Owners are asked to participate in the negotiations. Suppliers are asked to present to this Committee. The Member-Owners rate the Suppliers on a wide variety of criteria. These include breadth and depth of product assortment, reliability, customer service, product features and price competitiveness. The Suppliers are selected after their confidential rebate programs have been presented and agreed upon by the Committee. Once the Committee selects the Preferred Supplier(s) the program is rolled out to Member-Owners in a confidential manner.

The Negotiation Process:

  • Product Category is Identified
    Product category is identified and targeted.
  • Negotiation
    Key Member-Owners are asked to participate on this specific Product Category Committee.
  • Supplier’s Proposal
    Suppliers are asked to present to this Committee.
  • Members Rate Suppliers
    Member-Owners rate the Supplier on a wide variety of criteria.
  • Rebate Programs are Presented
    Suppliers are selected after their confidential rebate programs have been presented and agreed on by the Committee.
  • Program is Rolled Out
    Committee selects the Preferred Supplier(s)’s program, which is then rolled out to Members with Fenestra’s support.