Member-Owner Benefits

Why do window and door fabricators choose Fenestra?

Rebates, networking, growth!

It’s not by chance that Fenestra’s Independent fabricators across Canada learn about the savings and relationships building within the Co-op. These fabricators were qualified as a great fit for a Fenestra membership. Our fabricator members were already purchasing from or concluded that it made sense to switch purchases to, one or multiple Fenestra Supplier Partners. These fabricators continued to purchase products from their existing suppliers, only now the fabricator’s purchases go through Fenestra and earn substantial rebates.

An Independent fabricator’s story for opting into Fenestra typically surrounds the financial benefit of earning rebates on purchases as their motivation to join. However, now as a full Member-Owner or Associate these fabricators quickly enjoyed the benefit of the networking and relationship building, with other Fenestra Member-Owners and Supplier Partners, as the outweighing motivation in belonging to Fenestra.

Members join for the added financial benefits but stay for the intangible relationships.

Membership Types Comparison


  • One-time setup fee + an annual fee
  • Participate in rebate programs with Fenestra Supplier Partners
  • Participate on committees
  • Attend Annual General Meeting and ADVANTAGE/ACCELERATION Event


  • One-time setup fee
  • Participate in rebate programs with Fenestra Supplier Partners

What it means to be a Fenestra Member-Owner

Fenestra Membership is for the window and door fabricators across Canada and is by invitation only. Fenestra is a co-operative and each Member-Owner has one share, one vote.

To become a Member-Owner, please complete the contact form or call JF Kogovsek directly.

Member-Owner Benefits:

Lower input


Improved payment

Improved invoice and
payment processing

Access to “group”
buying programs

Pooled resources for
testing and compliance

Centralized negotiations for
major product categories

Only purchase through the Co-op
when It makes sense for your business

Advantage/Acceleration event for education
and networking with suppliers

Exclusive Fenestra
annual events