Associate-Member Benefits

What it means to be a Fenestra Associate-Member

Associate-Member overview:

For some window and door fabricators that Fenestra qualifies as a fit, the best fit within the Co-op for these fabricators is as an Associate-Member. A Fenestra Associate-Members still have access to all Fenestra Supplier Partner rebate programs and central billing, but are not permitted to attend Fenestra Events, therefore they are not required to pay the $3,500.00 annual Participation Fee.

Our Associate-Members are proud to belong to the Co-op and share in the financial benefits with their fellow Member-Owners!

Associate-Member Benefits:

  • Lower input costs
  • Confidential rebates
  • Improved payment terms
  • Improved invoice and payment processing
  • Access to “group” buying programs
  • Pooled resources for testing and compliance
  • Centralized negotiations for major product categories
  • Only purchase through the Co-op when It makes sense for your business

Membership Types Comparison


  • One-time setup fee + an annual fee
  • Participate in rebate programs with Fenestra Supplier Partners
  • Participate on committees
  • Attend Annual General Meeting and Advantage/Accelerate Event


  • One-time setup fee
  • Participate in rebate programs with Fenestra Supplier Partners

How it Works

Our unique negotiation process is based on our firmly held belief that Fenestra’s Members, being well established successful independent fabricators, know how to choose the “best” Supplier for their businesses. Once a product category is identified and targeted, a few key Members are asked to participate in the negotiations. Suppliers are asked to present to this Committee.

The Members rate the Suppliers on a wide variety of criteria. These include breadth and depth of product assortment, reliability, customer service, product features and price competitiveness. The Suppliers are selected after their confidential rebate programs have been presented and agreed on by the Committee. Once the Committee selects the Preferred Supplier(s) the program is rolled out to all Fenestra Members in a confidential manner.

Every Associate-Member of the Co-op is assigned a unique number. Fenestra Associate-Members continue to place orders with Suppliers in the same manner you have always ordered. This may include phone, fax, Supplier’s website or EDI purchase orders. Fenestra administration staff will advise Suppliers of your unique Fenestra Co-operative Associate-Member Number for your ordering location (this will be included on every Supplier document). When you place your first Fenestra order with a Fenestra Supplier, simply confirm the Supplier has correctly registered your Fenestra Associate-Member Number.

Your Fenestra Associate-Member Document Centre allows for secure access to all documents from Fenestra including any invoices, credit notes, statements of outstanding invoices and remittance advices listing the invoices paid by completed electronic bank transfers.

If you have multiple locations and a centralized accounts payable department, you can request that all documents flow into one Document Centre. You will be provided with a User Name and Password by the Co-op Administration Staff.