Purchasing Group Meeting

Our Member-Owners currently receive significant reduction in their inputs

The Fenestra Purchasing Co-op brings together similar Independent Window and Door Fabricators to leverage their combined purchases, create supply chain efficiencies and lower input costs.

Our Member-Owners come from every region, right across Canada. From Vancouver Island to the Northumberland Strait and Whitehorse Yukon, Fenestra members represent the very best Independent window and door fabricators in the country. Our Supplier Partners include many of the Industry’s most trusted brands and names. With the Fenestra Purchasing Co-op, Member-Owners receive benefits by purchasing collectively while maintaining their independence. Savings can be found in many varied ways and may include improved invoice pricing, improved payment terms, off-invoice rebates and marketing allowances. Savings can also be found by exploiting technology like EDI enabled invoicing or working together for testing and certification. Our members have worked together to develop an Industry Leading High Performing Door System. Designed by fabricators for fabricators, this Door System allows Fenestra Member-Owners to produce a cost-effective solution for today’s higher NAF08 requirements, right across the country. Available exclusively to Fenestra Member-Owners.

Compelling Economic Proposition:

  • Group Purchasing & Advocacy
  • Extended Sales Force for Supplier Partners
  • One on one networking events with decision makers

Added Value Services

  • Annual Events/Networking
  • Supplier performance reviews and benchmarking
  • Next Generation Training
  • Marketing Support
  • Online Resources

Shared Infrastructure

  • Central Billing Platform

What is a buying group?

In its simplest form, a Buying Group is the coming together of similar Independent businesses to leverage their combined purchasing power to receive improved financial benefits and payment terms on the products they buy. Successful Buying Groups bring efficiencies to the supply chain rather than simply flexing their “market power” to extract a better deal. Efficiencies are created when Suppliers can rely on the Buying Group to perform functions more cost effectively for its Members as a group, than the current model of each Supplier dealing with each Independent Business separately. Buying Groups operate in most Industry Sectors. They operate at both the wholesale and retail level. Buying Groups exist in Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, and most countries in Europe.