Canada’s largest buying group of window and door fabricators.

Fenestra brings together similar Independent Window and Door Fabricators to leverage their combined purchases, create supply chain efficiencies and lower input costs.




As the foremost buying group in the Canadian fenestration industry, the Fenestra Purchasing Co-op was founded on the singular vision of helping independent window and door fabricators thrive. After 10+ incredible years, the Fenestra Purchasing Co-op membership of 35+ fabricators is one of the largest buyers in the entire Canadian fenestration industry.

Fenestra operates on the co-operative model which gives each fabricator member one equal share of the Co-op, and one vote on the Co-op’s strategic direction. The Co-op is funded from a traction fee charged to the suppliers for the central billing efficiencies, and a small percentage of the total rebates paid out to members.

The Fenestra network includes the majority of the top window and door fabricators and manufacturers in Canada.


Employed Personnel


Supplier Partners


Fabricator Members


SQ. FT. Manufacturing Footprint

An invitational-only network for:

Window / Door Fabricators

Independently-owned and operated window and/or door fabricators in Canada.

Fenestration Suppliers

Canadian and/or US-based suppliers of all fenestration materials and components that sell to window and door fabricators.

Service Providers to the Fenestration Industry

Complimentary companies that offer services to manufacturers and fabricators in the Canadian fenestration industry.

An Unrivaled Network

An exclusive network of the biggest names in the industry at your fingertips that will always take your call. Our Co-op's network is the strongest tool a fabricator could ever have.

Exclusive Supplier Programs

Gain access to exclusive rebate programs with top-tier suppliers offering national programs in major and supporting input categories.

Exclusive Events

Fenestra hosts 2 annual events exclusive to members that are unrivaled by any other industry event. A stellar combination of owner-level networking, business development, and excitement.

Why do fabricators choose Fenestra?

Many of the biggest names and brands in the industry joined Fenestra for the added financial gains but stay for the unrivaled peer-to-peer network across Canada.

Your Next Biggest Customer

Fenestra offers suppliers a network of 35+ fabricators comprised of the biggest names in the industry. Fenestra could become one of the largest or the single largest customers you have.

An Unrivaled Network

Some of the biggest names in the industry from coast to coast are Fenestra members. Our suppliers gain a close relationship at the owner level that becomes the strongest advantage a supplier could ever have.

Events that Generate More Sales

The best networking and selling suppliers will do all year is at Fenestra’s annual Advantage / Acceleration event. This event brings the fabricators and suppliers together for face-to-face meetings and networking with the owners. This event is on a level unmatched by any industry show.

Growth in Your Product Category

The Co-op takes a strategic approach to the needed number of suppliers in each product category. This practice makes it easy for suppliers to grow in their product category within the Co-op.

Get Access to Our Exclusive Annual Events

Our events are unrivaled by industry trade shows and networking events.

Annual General Meeting

Dedicated to the fabricator member-owner shareholders to drive the strategic direction of their co-op. Hosted in a different location each year across Canada, this event brings out the joy of belonging to a group of exceptional like-minded people.

Advantage / Acceleration

A gathering of the full membership of fabricators and suppliers. This event is designed for suppliers to have face-to-face meetings with their customers, and for the entire group to share thoughts on industry topics.

Proud Members & Suppliers

Hear what some of the biggest names 

in the industry say about Fenestra!

Scott Target of Global Windows & Doors and Kevin Pelley of Kohltech share if joining Fenestra met their expectations.

Kevin Pelley of Kohltech, Mike Bruno of Everlast and other members share their insights about Fenestra.

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