The Fenestra Resolutions are the values and beliefs that the Co-op operates by and the value it provides to its Members and Suppliers.





  1. Add value to our Members and our suppliers.


  1. Focus on being an efficiently-run co-op, and leave sales and marketing to our Members.


  1. Invite only individuals who run their business ethically, respectfully and responsibly to join Fenestra.


  1. Support and champion our Members’ independence and ability to run their businesses as they see fit.


  1. Develop the best purchasing programs so our Members have a compelling reason to support them.


  1. Believe every Member’s involvement is critical to Fenestra’s significance, longevity and growth.


  1. Promote the sharing of best practices among Fenestra Members so they can become stronger, better-run fabricators.


  1. Consider rebates as earned over and above the locally competitive price negotiated by our Members.


  1. Keep the business affairs of Fenestra, our Members, our Suppliers and our programs strictly confidential.


  1. Offer learning opportunities to our Members’ employees to help them build their careers and make connections within Fenestra as our next generation of leaders.


  1. Agree that Fenestra will be governed by Co-operative principles.