Our Member-Owners

National in scope with Fenestra Owner-Members from coast to coast.

Member-Owner Benefits

Member-Owners benefit from participating in their Purchasing Co-op in many ways.
These include:

  • Lower input costs
  • Confidential rebates
  • Improved payment terms
  • Improved invoice & payment processing
  • Access to “group” buying programs
  • Pool resources for testing and compliance
  • Centralized negotiations for major product categories
  • Only purchase through the Co-op when it makes sense


Download the Member-Owner PDF Information Booklet here

or download the Associate-Member Program Information Booklet here

Supplier Partner Benefits

Supplier Partners benefit from supporting the Purchasing Co-op in many ways.

  • Negotiate “the group deal” once, on behalf of all of the Member-Owners, instead of with each customer separately
  • Rebates protect the street price of products while rewarding Co-op Member-Owners that support the chosen suppliers
  • Centralized Billing means:
    • Greatly reduced credit risk
    • Reduced accounts receivable management effort and costs
    • Consistently “on-time” payment of invoices
    • Lower invoicing / administration costs by using EDI


Download the Supplier Partner Information Booklet here

What Our Supplier Partners Are Saying

“ENERGI’s strategic relationship with Fenestra is very important. Through very open dialogue, ENERGI has come to understand the needs of Fenestra Members. We will continue to create value for Fenestra by acting on these needs and converting them into solutions that benefit Fenestra Members and ENERGI. This is what a true partnership is all about and why we are proud of our Preferred Supplier/Partner status with Fenestra.”

Denis Lalonde, VP Sales and Marketing | ENERGI Fenestration Solutions


“In addition to the guaranteed payments that the Cooperative ensures, being a Preferred Supplier to Fenestra is like having a second sales force, with the members positively influencing each other to purchase from Novatech. Our penetration rate definitely increases when dealing with Fenestra Co-op Members.”

Bob Latour, Vice-President of Sales | Novatech Group