The FENESTRA Negotiation Process

Our unique negotiation process is based on our firmly held belief that Fenestra’s Member-owners, being well established successful independent fabricators, know how to choose the “best” supplier for their businesses. Once a product category is identified and targeted, a few key Member-Owners are asked to participate in the negotiations. Suppliers are asked to present to this committee. The Member-Owners rate the suppliers on a wide variety of criteria. These include breadth and depth of product assortment, reliability, customer service, product features and price competitiveness. The suppliers are selected after confidential rebate programs have been presented and agreed on. Once the committee selects the Preferred Supplier(s) the program is rolled out to Member-Owners in a confidential manner.

Why should your company consider joining FENESTRA now?

  • Immediate cost savings – programs already in place
  • Membership is by invitation only – limited within each marketplace
  • Access the FENESTRA Advantage – without changing your business model
  • Access the FENESTRA High Performing Door System– shared costs of testing and development
  • Partner / Share with Canada’s most progressive independent window and door fabricators


Hear It From Our Member-Owners


“The reason that Centra joined Fenestra is a simple one.  Relationships.  The window and door industry is a tough business with daily challenges in human resources, technology, product R&D, suppliers, competition, and governments.  The more relationships we have with like-minded window and door businesses, the better we are able to solve problems and move our business strategies forward that much faster.”  

Garett Wall, President & CEO | Centra Construction Group


“Northerm joined to team ourselves up with other companies in the industry, it has been a great experience for us. We are able to see some savings and adding to our bottom line. It also reinforces that we are not alone in the industry and that we all share the same values, and all want to be successful.”

Rick Gingell, General Manager | Northerm Windows & Doors